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"If you place a cat into a box, you can't tell whether he's alive or dead, but if you place a shark into a box, he will travel in time and leave leaks of itself all around the spacetime."

After this famous discovery made by Schrodinger, governments around the world raced to build a powerful timetravelling shark army that could anticipate the enemy's movements on the battlefield.

Fight against your opponent in a 1v1 arena and use time as your weapon. Travel back in time and take advantage of the spacetime leaks left by your sharks to capture the enemy base before your enemy!

Art - Michele Bertoni @MEBImuffo

Code - Devis Rossini @DevisRossini

Code - Andrea Rossini @RossoJr

Music/SFX - Riccardo Argiolas @CaptainTuna90

Install instructions

Launch: double click on the .exe in the folder.
Press start to play.

Controls: Use the Left Stick to move and the Right Stick to aim. Right Trigger to shoot.

How to play: You play 3 "ghost rounds" and record actions for your character. After 3 rounds every action you recorded is resolved, and the first player to touch the enemy flag wins.


SchrodingerShark.zip 17 MB

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